About Us

Hi There,

My Name is John Yutzy and I’m the owner of Simply Wood Inc. I started the business back in 1995 after working in a local cabinet shop for 7 years. While there, I learned the art of cabinet making the old fashioned way, by hand. As time went on the shop shifted its emphasis to mass production and cut quality to produce more product.

Personally I thought the opposite should be true and thus the idea for Simply Wood was born. My goal then and now has always been to provide the highest quality cabinetry , yet maintain that handmade touch , in all my work.

So here is the deal, since we have the best customers in the world, I only use the best in materials, so my price may be a little higher initially, but will save you money and time in the long run.  And your getting 25 years of cabinet making experience. Im 44, so I dont work as fast as I used to. But Ive gotten more particular,  if its not done right, Im not putting my name on it..

The big shop on 934 is gone now, ancient history, a victim of our economy. The tough part was letting some of the best woodworkers around go. We had a good run, but in the end , I knew what had to be done. Cindy,Tim, Kurt, Dave, and Tammy poured out their hearts and lives, but the custom cabinet market had  gone soft, new construction, which was over half our market , came to a standstill.  So I did what no one likes to do, and we moved on . The shop is now an auction house,  but I cant drive by or visit.  Even tho Roy, the new owner is always asking me to stop by . My son Matthew moved on to get his degree in electronic engineering, and is now head of it at Martin Appliance.  Cindy, my wife , went back to college to get her English degree, And Kyla,  my daughter is in enrolled in HACC pursuing a nursing degree.  Leo , our Golden retriever mascot, is still chasing rabbits and keeps the yard free of neighbor dogs.

Me ? I moved back to the small shop behind our house on clear spring rd.  Leo seems to like the arrangement and I love working at home.  So I dont have a staffed showroom , I have my kitchen island to sit down with clients and design their dream kitchen. Sometimes we even have fresh cookies to go with our coffee.

Simply Wood Inc is not your average cabinet manufacturer, spewing out identical kitchens one after the other . I take pride in each and every cabinet, and ensure that your kitchen will never be duplicated by a jealous neighbor. I measure and design your unique kitchen and  I build it from scratch. Installation is usually done within 4 days time including the counter top. I am a firm believer in the Golden rule and will always treat you the way I like to be treated.

I also do the electrical and plumbing work myself, which saves you the hassle of finding outside subcontractors. I send you photos via email of your kitchen as it is built. I am always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have, no matter how trivial they might seem.

I have personally built and installed 100’s of kitchens over the last  25 years, and will give yours the same degree of dedication that many satisfied clients have given testimony to.

In short , the extra you may spend initially for a Simply Wood kitchen will be repaid many times over as you enjoy your priceless heirloom.

God Bless