Granite seems to be the counter of choice these days , and I opened a separate facility  to fabricate  countertops in Palmyra this fall.

We build countertops out of Granite, Marble , Quartz , and soapstone.   Our slabs are bought from Avanti You can browse the slabs from you armchair.  You can also visit the warehouse in Fredrick Md to pick out your special slab. The slab then gets tagged with your name and is shipped to Palmyra. There the sheets are cut to countertop size, and the edges are profiled  polished by Jeremy , the best granite polisher around . He is a stay at home dad who only works at night, so if you see the lights on after 9 pm at 704 east High st, its probably Jeremy, doing his magic. We take care of the installation including removal of the old tops and hooking up the plumbing.

Since granite prices have come down a lot  in the last several years, folks are often pleasantly surprised to find out that a granite kitchen top can be had for as little as $2000. So give me a call at 717-644-4610 for an awesome solution to a countertop replacement.  We also offer Cambia Quartz , manufactured right here in the good old USA.